On Air Nets and Meetings

On the Air Nets

Peridically we have an on the air net on the RMHAM 449.225 MHz (141.3 CTCSS tone) machine in Denver. This net starts at 7:00 PM when scheduled.  This is not an reoccuring net but may be in the future when we can locate a net control operator. 

Here is the script used to call the EOSS net:

Face to Face Meetings

Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS), on the second Tuesday of the month, hosts a scheduled planning meeting to discuss operations on past and future flights.  Everyone is invited to attend.  The meetings are held at one of two locations to accommodate members who live north and south.  Meeting locations change each month. See the schedule below to find the location for the meeting you wish to attend.

For those members unable to attend, we host online meetings using the ZOOM video conference service so members that cannot attend in person can participate.  Login information is usually posted on the EOSS mailer on the day of the meeting.  Look for the authentication credentials and web address (URL) on that date.

Meetings start at 19:00 hours unless a specific exception is posted here and on the location directions page.  People often arrive 30 minutes before the meeting start time to socialize a bit before we get down to business.

It is also common for folks to pre-arrange an impromptu dinner at a restaurant near the meeting location. These dinners usually start around 90 minutes in advance of the meeting (17:30 hours). Information about this location is shared on the EOSS email reflector the day of or perhaps the day before the meeting. 

Note: Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, pre-meeting dinners will not be held. Watch the EOSS email reflector for further information

Current dinner locations are:

 North Meeting Dinners:

700 Ken Pratt Blvd Suite 100,
Longmont, CO 80501
Glenn Hetchler, WB0DKT is our host

  •  South Meeting Dinners:

Mama Roma Ristorante Italiano
8100 S Quebec St

Centennial, CO 80112



There are usually folks on repeaters that can offer talk in assistance and directions to the meeting. However, this is NOT a formal arrangement and thus you may find that no one is listening on occasion. That's why we offer the meeting location Information pages below. They are your best guide and driving directions to the various meeting locations.  Typical frequencies are as follows:

  • North Meetings:
    • 449.225 MHz 141.3 CTCSS tone
    • 446.100 MHz Simplex
  • South Meetings:
    • 146.880 Mhz 100.0 CTCSS tone
    • 146.640 MHz 100.0 CTCSS tone

Meeting Location Schedule

2021 Meetings

Meeting minutes can be found here

January 12:           Virtual

February 9:       Virtual

March 9:           Virtual

April 13:              Virtual

May 11:              Virtual

June 8:             No June meeting due to GPSL

July 13:                Virtual

August 10:             Virtual

September 14:      Virtual

October 12:              Virtual

November 9:                Virtual

December 14:              Virtual