About Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS)

Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) is a Denver, Colorado based non-profit organization that promotes science and education by exploring frontiers in amateur radio and high altitude balloons. Click "Read More" for more information.

Our organization works with educators, offering valuable opportunities to enhance their students' studies of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through real, hands-on experience. We provide FAA coordination, launch, tracking and recovery of the payloads. Each year, our volunteers spend thousands of hours to enable student STEM programs to reach the Edge of Space.

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Happy New Year!  Edge of Space Sciences members are asked to update their annual dues for 2022.  EOSS will recognize family memberships this year for the same annual fee.  See the link below for paypal options.   

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EOSS January 2022 Meeting

The EOSS January meeting will be held online.  The agenda with the zoom link can be found here: Agenda

EOSS-319/320 Westminster HS, Evergreen HS, & Westminster Middle Schools Flight

  • 11-10-2021Payload Plans Rev B posted
  • 11-30-2021Payload Plans Rev C posted. Still awaiting payload weight information
  • 12-07-2021Due to high ground winds predicted at all available launch locations, EOSS-319/320 have been postponed until Friday, January 28, 2022.

EOSS-318 Colorado Space Grant Consortium DemoSats - Recap

EOSS-318 was launched from Deer Trail Colorado as a single 3000g balloon with payloads from Colorado Space Grant Consortium college.  All payloads were recovered east of Kirk Colorado.  The balloon reached  106,023 ft maximum altitude.


EOSS-317 Metro State University - Intro to Space - Recap

EOSS-317 was lauched as a 3000g balloon from Windsor, Colorado at 0730 MDT on October 30, 2021, carrying eight payloads from Metro State University's Intro to Space program. The balloon reached an altitude of 98,304 Ft and landed at 9:37 MDT North of Masters, Colorado.

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EOSS-315/316 NDIA STEM Flight & Northrup Grumman Interns - Recap

 EOSS-315 was launched at 0715 10/10/21 from Deer Trail Colorado.  The flight string included 3 payloads from the National Defense Industrial association containing experiments from school students across the country.  It reached a maximum altitude of 93,068 ft.  All payloads were recovered southwest of Lindon, CO at 39.711, -103.474.

EOSS-312/313/314 COSGC DemoSats & Ball BIRST - Recap

EOSS-312, 313 and 314 were launched from Genoa Colorado on August 1st, 2021.  All payloads from the three balloons were recovered approximately 20 miles south of Limon, Colorado.

EOSS-312 was launched at 0657 MDT, and reached a maximum altitude of 98,639 ft.

EOSS-313 was launched at 0720 MDT, and reached a maximum altitude of 98,738 ft.

EOSS-314 was launched at 0741 MDT, and reached a maximum altitude of 97,198 ft.

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EOSS-311 Northrup Grumman Space Systems Interns - Recap

A single 1500g balloon was launched at 0804 MDT on July 24, 2021 from the Limon ball fields. The balloon reached an altitude of 94,228 ft MSL and landed 16.09 miles west of the launch site, north of Matheson, Colorado near the intersection of CR149 and CR102.

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Flight Summary

EOSS-311	07/24/2021

14:04:19 UTC  Launch 	39.236256	-103.696774
15:10:56 UTC  Burst	39.226211	-103.892250  94.228 K Ft
15:52:53 UTC  Landing	39.232554	-103.997331

Great Plains Superlaunch - FLIGHT CANCELLED

Due to predicted high winds at the launch site, EOSS-311 has been cancelled.  This was a local flight in concert with others participating in the Great Plains Superlaunch event.


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