A simple utility to convert text files containing NMEA data in either the $GPGGA or $GPRMC format and output a file that will load into Delorme's Street Atlas.

Click the browse buttons to find the input file and enter the name of the output file.

The callsign in optional. If left blank, then all NMEA strings will be processed. If you have a file with multiple targets (moving objects) and want to separate them out, enter a callsign and only those records will be processed.

You must select either one of the NMEA string types or you can select both.

If you check either Altitude or Time under Plot labels then each position written to the Street Atlas file will have that data displayed on the map. It can get pretty messy, but when zooming in close it offers insight into the movement of the payload.

With the exception of the source and export filenames and the callsign, all other settings are written to an INI file and will be reused on each subsequent run of the program.

Download NMEAtoSA100.zip Full Install
This file includes all necessary components for the program with the exception of the visual basic 6 service pack 5 runtime files. A link to those files is located below.

Download NMEAtoSA100Lite.zip (not available until subsequent versions appear)
If you have downloaded the full install of NMEAtoSA version 1.0.0 or later, you can just download this EXE file and replace the original Program with it. You already have all the associated files that come in a Full Install.

Visual Basic Run Time Files
If you don't have the Visual Basic V 6.0 runtime files then download a copy of Vbrun60sp5.exe