Advanced Descent Profile

Suppose you want to cut your payload down, let if free fall to 60K feet, deploy a drogue chute, then when terminal velocity is under control deploy the main chute. You can enter those values in the above form (accessed from the Setup Screen on the "Flight Info" tab).

In the flights that prompted this screen, no free fall was made, an immediate drogue chute was deployed followed by a main chute. In that case you can just enter the data "anywhere" appropriate and the program will duplicate it.

So, you could just enter in a figure of 3000 fpm descent rate from burst and fill in the bottom values as 30000 feet and 900 fpm. The program will duplicate the lowest value to the middle value. Essentially the program needs these three values set (along with their corresponding altitudes where they initiate). You can't set maximum altitude. That comes from the program when the prediction is run. It is set to either the maximum altitude in your winds aloft data file or if you have set a burst altitude then from that entry.

Note: The effect of the different descent rates kicks in for the first record BELOW the indicated altitude. So, if you are using a data file with large differences in altitude records you might want to check that database and make adjustments to the altitude where each new descent rate kicks in.