Add Records Records Utility

Some folks wanted more granular files to work with. So, this is a really simple little utility that will add additional records to your Balloon Track DAT files.

Just click the browse buttons to select input and output files, set an altitude increment and the program will add additional records between the "real" records in your source file at the altitude intervals entered.

Download ~ 1MB
This is the full installation.

Download ~ 17KB
This is the lite file without all the necessary VB modules. If you have downloaded Balloon Track version 1.6.6 or later you could just download this one file. All the necessary modules are included in BT. I recommend you make a separate folder in your Program Files Folder to hold it so you can easily get rid of it without having to search if you want to uninstall. If you do install the full installation above, there will be an uninstall routine added to your Add/Remove Programs applet on the Control Panel.