There are many ways in which you can participate in EOSS activities.

Learn about EOSS

Check out the EOSS Info area of the Web Site. Who we are, what we do, how it gets done, it's all in there.


You can become an EOSS member. Your membership dues will contribute to the on going process of building payloads and flying high altitude balloons.

Meetings and On the Air Nets

EOSS holds weekly on the air nets and once a month an in person meeting.

Join a Committee

We have several different committees involved in various aspects of the groups activities.

There is also a generic "Help Wanted" page you might peek at.

Be a Customer

Are you involved with a student or youth group and want to introduce them to the marvels of science and or amateur radio? We have worked with middle schools through college and various youth groups (Scouts, Explorers).

Contact us and discuss the possibilities for your group to launch their own balloon borne experiments.


Last but certainly not least, come out to our launches and be entertained as a bunch of adults play around with 10 foot diameter balloons. Check out our Upcoming Flight Announcement Page for details of the next launch. Unless specifically stated, all launches are open to the public.

Once you get there, you might even consider volunteering to help out in the launch operations. Volunteers are always appreciated. Instant training is provided and you'll have tales to tell around the water cooler Monday morning.