EOSS- 281/282 CU Boulder Gateway to Space and DemoSats - Recap

EOSS-281 with ten student Gateway to Space payloads weighting 17.64 pounds, two GPS-equipped radio beacons, and a 10 ft.

EOSS-280 Metro State Intro to Space - Recap

EOSS-280 with eight student payloads weighting 14.32 pounds, two GPS-equipped radio beacons, and a 12 ft. parachute was launched on a 3000 gram balloon from the Deer Trail, CO launch site (N39° 36.63', 104° 2.53') at an elevation of 5,211 feet at 06:53 AM MST on Nov. 4, 2018. The last packet received before balloon burst was at 8:23 AM at an altitude of 106,717 ft. after an ascent averaging 1223 ft./min. Both the burst altitude and ascent rate were above average for a 3000g balloon.

EOSS-278 CU Science Discovery - Recap

EOSS-278 was launched out of Genoa, Colorado on 8/11/18 at 08:03 and acheived an altitude of 93,912 feet at 09:31.  The flight string landed at 10:15 in a pasture.  All payloads were recovered approximately 3.6 miles northwest of Peyton, Colorado.

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EOSS-277 COSGC Summer Flight - Recap

One 3000g Heavy balloon was launched on Saturday moring into clear skys. The balloon followed the prediction very closely, and reached an altitude of 100,274 ft when it burst. The flight string landed half way between Limon and Hugo, just east of Highway 287.   After a significant time needed to gain authorization to access grazing land, the student teams hiked 1.2 miles in to the landing site to retrieve their payloads. Flight string landed at 39.20558, -103.56191

Launch video is posted on the EOSS youtube channel at EOSS-277 Launch

EOSS-275 & 276 BIRST - Recap

EOSS-275 and 276 were launched from the Limon Softball fields launch site  on July 21st, 2018 carrying payloads for the Ball Intern Remote Sensing Team. 

EOSS-275 reached an altitude of 94,841 ft and the payloads were recovered at 39.262, -103.583

EOSS-276 reached an altitude of 96,714 ft and the payloads were recovered at 39.256, -103.608

The payloads were recovered approximately 3 miles southeast of Genoa, Colorado.

EOSS-274 GPSL Launch - Recap

EOSS-269, 270, 271, 272 Gateway to Space & COSGC - Recap

EOSS-269, 270, 271, 272 launched on 4/7/18 carrying CU Gateway to Space and COSGC colleges payloads.  Balloons were launched from Eaton, Colorado and all payloads were recovered 130-140 miles downrange near Vona, Colorado.

EOSS-269 reached an altitude of 97,067 ft and landed at 39.97019, -103.13995

EOSS-270 reached an altitude of 94,542 ft and landed at 39.40891, -102.8575

EOSS-271 reached an altitude of 95,828 ft and landed at 39.37105, -102.7435

EOSS-272 reached an altitude of 90,535 ft and landed at 39.27356, -102.65756


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