Great Plains Superlaunch - FLIGHT CANCELLED

Due to predicted high winds at the launch site, EOSS-311 has been cancelled.  This was a local flight in concert with others participating in the Great Plains Superlaunch event.

Flight Coordinator: 
Event Date: 
Saturday, July 10, 2021 - 00:00 to 23:45
Launch Site: 

EOSS-311 GPSL (not flown)

A lite balloon carrying EOSS equipment for qualification(This flight was canceled because of high ground winds)

Balloon Type: 
Totex 1500g Latex
12' Rocketman
145.645KC0D-2APRS/DF Beacon Remote ReleaseTop
144.905KC0D-3APRS/DF BeaconFirmware Qual
144.340AE0SS-12APRS/DigiBottom Slotted 24/54 Path:EOSSA
Payload Plan: 

EOSS Preflight Net @ 7 PM Mountain Time preceding night:
        •  449.225 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 141.3 Hz CTCSS) Rocky Mountain Ham Radio (RMHAM) Repeater and EchoLink *CANONCTY* conference and the Fun Machine linked system
        • 146.940 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 103.5 Hz CTCSS) Rocky Mountain Radio League (RMRL) Repeater if the RMHAM machine is down
        • 146.640 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 100.0 Hz CTCSS) Denver Radio League (DRL) Repeater will serve as a backup to the backup repeater 

Launch Site:
        • 446.050 MHz Simplex  
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

Track & Recovery Operations:
        • 449.450 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 103.5 Hz Tone) RMRL repeater

        •  DMR

 to maintain communicatins between Alpha and the Ground Station when out of analog repeater range



            RMHAM DMR “Wide" along with EOSS deployable has been approved for the Saturday's flight.  We will be using “Central East” zone for Deer Trail and the “Wide” talk group.   

       Simplex Frequencies:
        • 446.100 MHz Balloon #1 Field Simplex 
        • 446.150 MHz Balloon #2 Field Simplex
        • 446.200 MHz Balloon #3 Field Simplex
        • 446.275 MHz Car to Car drive out Simplex
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

2M Direction Finding Frequencies:

  • 144.340
  • 144.360
  • 144.905
  • 145.535
  • 145.645
  • 145.710
  • 145.765


TR Breakfast: 
The Ad Hoc tracker breakfast will be at the IHOP at the Flying J Truck stop in Limon at 7 AM on Saturday
Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
BravoW9CN, N0JPSMike, John
EchoK0BRA, N0RPFDoug, Rob
Ground StationN2XGL,K5JK. N0CallJeff, Tom, Randy
HotelKB0YRZChris, Jen
IndiaK0LOB, W0CalJim, Julie
JulietKC0ZIE, WB0DKTDarren, Glenn
TangoKC0LJohn, from Texas
Live Flight Tracking: 

To view live flight tracking, navigate to