EOSS-294 Metro State University Intro to Space - Recap

A single 3000g balloon launched around 7:35am in cold (10 degree) weather. The balloon landed (in some powerlines....) approximately 25 miles south of Yuma Colorado.

EOSS members may claim mileag at  https://goo.gl/forms/V7r4DKZyEpod5auj1

Launch Video (filmed from the air!) is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/DzHY-1edYIs

New! Video of the payloads in the powerlines  https://www.dropbox.com/s/twitkldbenr8291/EOSS-294_on_power_lines.MOV?dl=0

Original Announcement: 

11-01-2019 7:39pm MDT: Prediction page is having problems. The 90,000 ft cutdown 24hr prediction

11-01-2019: The 24-hour prediction has posted here (It is broken, see note above). Look at EOSS-894 at the very end of the predictions for the best estimate of the flight (including cutdown at 90,000 ft). Final Payload Plans (Rev C) are posted.

10-31-2019: Everything looks good for a Saturday launch of a single Heavy balloon. To prevent an extremely long flight (into Kansas), the current plan is to cut down the balloon at 90,000 feet. To compare the burst option with this cutdown option, compare the prediction (see link below) for EOSS-294 Heavy with EOSS-894 (link at upper right of prediction page).

One 3000g balloon or two 1500g balloons carrying student payloads from two sections of Metro State University's Introduction to Space program.

The launch is scheduled for the Wiggins Colorado High School Parking lot. Directions are shown here. Depending on the winds, the launch site may have to be changed. Keep watching this website, especially the day or two before launch. Predictions for the flight path of the balloon are shown here. Look for the planned launch site and click on the "GIF" link for a map. The prediction is updated daily and posts to the website a little before noon. The predictions do change, but become quite accurate in the three days before the launch.

Many links for predictions, tracking, and weather observations are available at http://wxqa.com/eoss294.html  The tracking links become active when the ballon launches.

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
Last Chance X=10, Y=30, Test: N 40.000 W 103.000, Ans: X=41.3, Y=47.9


A 3000g balloon carrying the Intro2Space student payloads

If the cloud cover is greater than 50% then we will split the payload string and fly two 1500g balloons. The payload plans for these balloons are shown here:


Balloon Type: 
3000g Latex
12 foot Rocketman with wireless release Baker
144.340 MHzAE0SS-12APRS/Digi EOSSPrimary, Timeslotted at 0:27 and 0:57
144.905 MHzKCØD-2APRS/Remote Release/DFSecondary
Payload Plan: 

EOSS Preflight Net @ 8 PM MDT preceding night:
        • 449.225 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 141.3 Hz Tone )  RMHAM Repeater  
        • 146.940 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 103.5 Hz Tone) RMRL Repeater if the RMHAM machine is down
        • 146.640 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 100.0 Hz Tone) DRL Repeater will serve as a backup to the backup repeater 

Launch Site:
        • 446.050 MHz Simplex  
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

Track & Recovery Operations:
        • 449.450 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 103.5 Hz Tone) RMRL repeater       

        Simplex Frequencies:
        • 446.100 MHz Balloon #1 Field Simplex 
        • 446.150 MHz Balloon #2 Field Simplex
        • 446.200 MHz Balloon #3 Field Simplex, Air to Ground
        • 446.275 MHz Car to Car drive out Simplex coordination
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

     DMR:  Ground to Alpha, RMHAM DMR “Rocky Mountain WIDE”. https://www.rmham.org/wordpress/dmr-radio-site-information/

 2M Direction Finding Frequencies:

  • 144.340
  • 144.360
  • 144.905
  • 145.535
  • 145.645
  • 145.710
  • 145.765


Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWA0GEH-9, KC0D-9, N0LPMarty, Mark, NickTracking Coordinators, Downrange
BravoW9CN, N0JPS, KD0YCVMike, John, ChrisTrackers, Alpha Backup, Downrange
CharleyKC0RPSJim, JustinFlight Coordinator, Trackers
DeltaK0SCCStephenLaunch, Tracker
EchoKE7KCKTomTracker, EOSS, Airborne w/ MSU
FoxtrotN6BA, KB0YRZJeff, ChrisTracker, Shiny Truck
GolfK0JWB, K0NKKJohn, NancyTrackers, Downrange
Ground StationN2XGL, KB0TVJJeff, RussGround Station, FAA
IndiaKE0GKI, NB4VBernadette, BraedonTrackers, CU ADS-B Payload
JulietN3RJORandyMSU Project Leader
TR Breakfast: 
iHOP in Limon, 6:00am - 6:45 Caravan Travel to Burlington.via I-70 to maintain simplex communications. Predict: 17 mi N of Burlington (EW CR-0 & NS US-385) (X 81.2 Y 17.9) The path for AE0SS-12 is EOSSA.