EOSS-278 CU Science Discovery - Recap

EOSS-278 was launched out of Genoa, Colorado on 8/11/18 at 08:03 and acheived an altitude of 93,912 feet at 09:31.  The flight string landed at 10:15 in a pasture.  All payloads were recovered approximately 3.6 miles northwest of Peyton, Colorado.

Original Announcement

Launch Site has been changed to GENOA RV Park (click for directions).  205 5th Street, Genoa Colorado.  We may park on the lot north of the RV park building, or along the side of 5th street.  The town of Genoa and the owner of the RV park will be our gracious hosts to allow us to use their facilities.

Predictions are available here. On that page, look for the Genoa launch site and click on the "GIF" link to see the predicted flight path.

UPDATE! All payloads plan on being onsite no later that 7:00 am for weigh in and stringing.

Look at this link: http://wxqa.com/eoss278.html for all sorts of links for tracking the balloon during flight and information on the track after the flight.

One 1500g balloon carrying payloads developed by:

  • CU Science Discovery program student workshop
  • Space Mail
  • Science Girls


EOSS Members Mileage Form

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
KCØRPS (KE7KCK at launch site)
Punkin Center X=60, Y=40, Test N 38.800 W 104.00 Ans: X=43.9,Y=36.5 Changed


Lite balloon for CU Science Discovery with workshop payloads, camera, space mail, and a science girls payload.

Balloon Type: 
Totex 1500g Latex
12 foot Rocketman
145.765 MHzKCØD-15APRS/DF/Wireless ReleaseSecondary Beacon
144.340 MHzAEØSS-13 LiteAPRS/Digi EOSSPrimary Beacon


EOSS Preflight Net @ 8 PM MDT preceding night:
        • 449.225 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 141.3 Hz Tone )  RMHAM Repeater 
        • 146.940 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 103.5 Hz Tone) RMRL Repeater if the RMHAM machine is down
        • 146.640 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 100.0 Hz Tone) DRL Repeater will serve as a backup to the backup repeater

Launch Site:
        • 446.050 MHz Simplex 
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

Track & Recovery Operations:
             • 448.450 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 100.0 Hz Tone) PPFMA repeater (Assuming we are flying out of Deer Trail or Limon).

        Simplex Frequencies:
        • 446.100 MHz Balloon #1 Field Simplex
        • 446.150 MHz Balloon #2 Field Simplex
        • 446.200 MHz Balloon #3 Field Simplex
        • 446.275 MHz Car to Car drive out Simplex
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

        Legacy 2M Simplex Frequency (not generally used due to desense/interference issues with the 2M APRS packets)
        • 146.550 MHz Simplex

2M Direction Finding Frequencies:
        • 144.340
        • 144.360
        • 144.905
        • 144.535
        • 144.645
        • 144.710
        • 144.765

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotesDeploying From:
AlphaWA0GEH, KC0DMarty, Mark00:02, Tracking Coordinators, DownrangeLaunch Site
BravoK0LOBJim00:07, TrackerDownrange
CharlieKE7KCKTom00:12, Flight Coordinator, TrackerLaunch Site
DeltaKD0SEMDave00:17, Launch, TrackersLaunch Site
EchoKC0LJohn00:22, Launch, TrackersLaunch Site
FoxtrotN6BAJeff00:27, TrackersDown Range
GolfKB0UBZBen00:33, TrackerDown Range
HotelKE0ORBJohn, Nancy00:42 TrackerDown Range
IndiaKE0NDWAnup plus DisconeryTeam00:47 TrackerLaunch Site
JulietNB4VBradon00:52 TrackerLaunch Site
TR Breakfast: 
Breakfast will be at the IHOP in the Flying J Travel Center (north of I-70 at the first Limon exit [359]) at 6:30 am. (see link to printable version of the Tactical Calls, above)