EOSS-268 STEM & COSGC Flight - Recap

EOSS-268 with seven Colorado Space Grant Consortium payloads weighting 13.9 pounds, two GPS-equipped radio beacons, a fast release mechanism under test, and a 9 ft. Rocketman parachute were launched on a 3000 gram balloon from the Deer Trail, CO launch site (N39° 36.72', W104° 2.52') at an elevation of 5,538 feet at 7:16 AM MDT on Mar. 17, 2018.  The last packet received before balloon burst was at 8:59 AM at an altitude of 100,211 ft. after an ascent averaging 919 ft./min.  The maximum recorded speed was 77 mph at 9:09 AM at an altitude of 43,564 ft. on descent.  The parachute and flight string touched down at 9:30 AM at N39° 58.22', W103° 8.40' and were recovered at an elevation of 4553 ft. about 4.2 miles NE of Alba, CO (N 39° 57.153', W 103° 13.055') after a flight of 2 hours 14 minutes.  The touchdown horizontal speed was less than 1 mph.  The straight line distance between launch and touchdown was 50 miles.

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Launch video has been posted on the EOSS Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/75iFLi6jvfI

Norm Black of NSSTI has posted a flight video at https://youtu.be/YkLWv0H48U4

Original Announcement: 

As of 3:30pm on Friday, we are GO for a single balloon launch on Saturday. It will be 31F and ground winds will be brisk, so dress accordingly!

Information on the flight is available at http://wxqa.com/eoss268.html . You might want to put that into your phone for use during tracking. Correct Payload Plans are Rev E.

If the sky is clear, we will fly one 3000g balloon (called a Heavy). If the sky is cloudy, we will fly the student payloads on two 1500g balloons. The payload plans for these balloons are shown here:

This flight(s) carry payloads for:

The FAA Waiver and Authorizations can be found here.

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EOSS member Mileage Reimbursement 



Event Date: 
Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
Last Chance: X 30 Y 20 Test: N 40.000 W 103.000 = X 61.3 Y 37.9

EOSS-268 Heavy

This is both NDIA/NSSTI and COSGC payloads on one balloon.

Balloon Type: 
3000g Totex Laytex
9 foot Rocketman
144.340 MHzAEØSS-13APRS/Digipeater EOSSPrimary Beacon, Timeslotted :00 and :30
145.600 MHzKCØD-15APRS/DF/wireless releaseSecondary Beacon
145.765 MHzKCØD-1APRS/DF/Wireless ReleaseFlying for testing and qualification

Preflight Net:

  • 449.225 MHz RMHAM Repeater (141.3 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night
  • 146.940 MHz (103.5 HZ Tone) RMRL Repeater if the RMHAM machine is down
  • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz Tone) DRL will serve as a backup frequency147.225 MHz CRA Repeater (107.2 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night

Recovery Operations:

  • 448.450 MHz PPFMA (100.0 Hz Tone), South Flights
  • 446.100 MHz Balloon 1 Field Simplex
  • 446.150 MHz Balloon 2 Field Simplex
  • 446.275 MHz Car to Car drive out
  • 146.550 MHz Backup field simplex449.450 MHz RMRL (103.5 Hz Tone)

Launch Site Simplex: 446.050 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWAØGEH. KCØDMarty, Mark, Anup, KaiyaTracking and Recovery Coordinators, C-Base
BravoKBØYRZChris, PatAlpha Backup, Trackers
CharlieKE7KCKTomTracker, EOSS President
DeltaKØSCC, KEØBMUStephen, WhitneyLaunch Team, Trackers
EchoKDØSEMDave, BertLaunch Team, Tracker
FoxtrotKCØRPSJimFlight Coordinator, Tracker
GolfKØLOB, KEØIRKJim, BobTrackers, Start from launch, Welcome Bob!!
JulietN6BAJeffTracker, SDR Experiments
KiloNØNDMLarryLaunch Team. Tracker
WhiskeyKDØNRYChrisCOSGC Director, Tracker
TR Breakfast: 
Breakfast at High Plains Diner, 100 E Bennett Ave., Bennett CO 80102. (303) 644-5055. 6:00 am (open) to 6:45. Leave for the recovery site at 6:45. It will be chilly, so dress warm. Marty and Mark will have two C-BASE students on board to help navigate and learn the coordinator duty.