EOSS-241, 242, 243, 244, 245 246 - Recap

Submit mileage here: Mileage Form  Charts and Data, Launch and Recovery Photo galleries posted below.

Altitude vs. Time for 241,242,243,244, 246 posted.  

  • EOSS-241 reached a max reported altitude of 93,068ft
  • EOSS-242 reached a max reported altitude of 90,564ft
  • EOSS-243 reached a max reported altitude of 97,464ft
  • EOSS-244 reached a max reported altitude of 93,441ft
  • EOSS-245 reached a max reported altitude of 94,813ft
  • EOSS-246 reached a max reported altitude of 95,878ft

An EOSS-245 Launch video has been posted on the EOSS facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Edge-of-Space-Sciences-162353343883044/


Original Announcement: 

Original Flight posting: The predictions are available at:   https://1drv.ms/f/s!As-LIvu3ml48tibOUZsD39pOEzrWThe prediction for loading into trackpoint: EOSS-241 aprs.txtEaton is confirmed as our launch site.  Please be prepared to arrive and check in your payload: The 24-hr cloud cover predictions are greater than 5/10ths.  In all likelihood, we will need to split into six Exempt balloons.  If we have to do this, we will fly in two waves of 3, the first wave will be at ~0700 and the next will be at ~0930 (when Alpha tracker verifies acquistion of the first wave). We will need to pay close attention to weights to ensure we are meet exempt requirements.  See contingency payload plans:

The 24 hr Prediction:

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
West Intersection 14 & 71, x=60, y=20, Test: N40.90112 W103.35057 = 77,40


This flight will consist of Gateway to Space BalloonSats with an additional BalloonSat from CCA.

Balloon Type: 
147.420 MHzK0SCC-11APRS/Cutter/DF
144.34 MHzKC0UUO-11APRS/DigiDIGI path EOSSA


This balloon will have 7 BalloonSats from COSCG colleges and the COSCG common eclipse payload. 

Balloon Type: 
8.5ft with fast release
144.34KE0BMU-11APRSSlotted 0:10 and 0:40


This flight will have 9 Payloads from COSCG colleges.

Balloon Type: 
10ft with cutter only
144.95 MHzKE0BMV-11APRS/DF/Cutter
144.34 MHzAE0SS-12APRS/DIGIDigi path EOSS

Preflight Net:

  • 147.225 MHz CRA Repeater (107.2 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night
  • 146.940 MHz (103.5 HZ Tone) RMRL Repeater if the CRA machine is down
  • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz Tone) DRL will serve as a backup frequency

Recovery Operations:

  • 449.450 MHz RMRL Repeater (103.5 Hz Tone)
  • 448.450 MHz PPFMA Repeater (100.0 Hz Tone)
  • 446.100 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon EOSS 241
  • 446.150 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon EOSS 242
  • 446.200 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon EOSS 243
  • 446.275 MHz Simplex for travel to recovery sites
  • 146.550 MHz Backup field simplex

Launch Site Simplex: 446.050 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWAØGEH, KCØDMarty, MarkEOSS #241, Tracking Coordinator
BravoW9CN, NØJPSMike, JohnEOSS #241, #243, Alternate Alpha
CharlieKCØRPS. WØNFWJim, GeorgeEOSS #242, Rover
DeltaKØSCCStephenEOSS #242, #243
EchoKE7KCK, NØIXTom, DougEOSS #242, #243
FoxtrotWGØEColinEOSS #242, #243
JulietKBØYRZChris, JenEOSS #241, #243
HotelKCØLJohnFlight Landing Predictions, Frisco, TX
IndiaKØYUKMerle, PaulaEOSS #241, EOSS Founder
TR Breakfast: 
Breakfast will be at Drover's in Brush, 28601 US Highway 34, 6:00, leave at 6:40. We still have about 50 miles to go to reach the recovery area. Initially, we will head for Sterling and go north towards Buchanan. We will discuss more finite plans at breakfast and when we get new predictions. This may well be a 6-fer, we will know about 5:30 am as we check cloud cover at Greeley airport. Be prepared for a 6fer. Examine and have access to the Payload Plans for both scenarios and have frequencies pre-programmed. See the Tactical List for your balloon assignment. If you have suggestions about those assignments, pleas pass them on. The second wave a balloons will launch only after the trackers are settled with landowners, students and recovery. Tom will coordinate with us to determine the second wave launch time. Bring some water, lunch and refreshments in case this is a long day in the field. Bring and use your EOSS business cards for contact with landowners. Please keep your APRS transmissions on .34 to four minutes minimum to help with congestion. Initial comms for #241 will be on 449.450 and 446.100 simplex. Folks tracking the other balloons will use simplex 446.150 for #242 and 446.200 for #243 Seek your tracker teammates on these frequencies.