EOSS-234/235/236 CU Gateway to Space & COSG Demosats - Recap

All three flights flew successfully and were easily recovered.

  • EOSS-234 launched at 0700 and was recovered at 39.10927, -104.10017
  • EOSS-235 launched at 0720 and was recovered at 39.08967, -104.06717
  • EOSS-236 launched at 0738 and was recovered at 39.09282, -104.06480


  photos credit: Team Threat Level Midnight, Fall 2016 Gateway to Space Program


Original Announcement: 

Update 11.12.16: Three balloons out of Limon is a go!!

Update 11.11.16: The launch will be at the Limon Softball fields. The weather is looking great for the launch of three heavy balloons with all the payloads. Watch the predictions at http://ruc.noaa.gov/sdb/predict_0.htm  These predictions are updated around noon each day. Other links for tracking during the flight and weather observations are found here.

Update 11.11.16 Posted heavy Payload Plans Rev C. EOSS-234 (Gateway) is final, but others will change at weigh-in tomorrow morning.

Update 11.11.16: added payload plans for exempt balloons if necessary

Update 11.11.16: Payload plans have been revised to Rev B with updated estimates of student payload mass.

Update 11.11.16:  Marty added Staging Area behind Simla Food Store in Simla.  See Tracker Information for details.

Update 11/10/16:  Added Tracker Information, Grids

Update 11/8/16 PPFMA repeater is the primary repeater frequency. 

This will be three 3000g balloons or six 1200g balloons carrying payloads for the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado Space Grant collage programs. Three 3000g balloons is preferable, but if cloud cover is predicted to be a problem, three 1200g balloons launched at 7:00am and three 1200g balloons launched at 10:30am.

The small ("lite") balloons exempt from cloud cover restrictions are posted below. We will use those only if necessary.

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
Punkin Center, 60,20 Test N38.800 W 103.700 answer: 60.0, 16.4


This is the big balloon if cloudcover is minimal.

Balloon Type: 
3000g Totex
10 foot orange and white nylon parachute with cutter and fast release
144.340 MHzKCØUUO-11APRS/Digi/EOSSAPrimary Beacon
147.420 MHzKØSCC-11APRS/DF/CutterSecondary Beacon


This is the big balloon if cloud cover is minimal.

Balloon Type: 
3000g Totex
8.5 ft circumference Sphereachute with cutter and fast release
144.340 MHzKEØBMU-11APRS Timeslotted 0:10 & 0:30Primary Beacon
147.555 MHzAEØSSAPRS/DF/Cutter
144.360 MHzKØSCC-9APRS Timeslotted 0:10 & 0:30Secondary Beacon


This is the big balloon if the cloudcover is minimal

Balloon Type: 
3000g Totex
10 foot parachute with cutter only
144.340 MHzAEØSS-12APRS/Digi/EOSSPrimary Beacon
144.950 MHzKEØBMV-11APRS/DF/CutterSecondary Beacon

Preflight Net:

  • 147.225 MHz CRA Repeater (107.2 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night
  • 146.940 MHz (103.5 HZ Tone) RMRL Repeater if the CRA machine is down
  • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz Tone) DRL will serve as a backup frequency

Recovery Operations:

  • 448.450 MHz PPFMA repeater (100Hz Tone) (Primary)
  • 449.450 MHz RMRL repeater (103.5 Hz Tone) (alternative)
  • 446.100 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon 1
  • 446.150 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon 2
  • 446.200 MHz Field Simplex, Balloon 3
  • 146.550 MHz Backup field simplex
  • 446.275 MHz Simplex for travel to recovery sites

Launch Site Simplex: 446.050 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotesBalloon, Freq 1, Freq 2
AlphaWAØGEH, KCØDMarty, MarkTracker CoordinationTracker Coordination
BravoW9CN, KBØYRZ, NØJPSMike, Chris, JohnTracker, Alternate AlphaRoamer, I-gate
CharlieKCØRPS. WØNFWJim, GeorgeLaunch, Tracker, Flight CoordinatorRoamer
DeltaKØSCC, KE0BMV Stephen, ParkerLaunch, TrackersEOSS 236, 144.340, 144.950
EchoKE7KCKTomLaunch Team, TrackersEOSS 234, 144.340, 147.420
FoxtrotKDØSEMDaveLaunch, TrackerEOSS 235, 144.340, 145.360
GolfNØIX, KCØUUODoug, RobTrackers, PresidentEOSS 236, 144.340, 144.950
IndiaWGØEColin, RobTracker
JulietteNØNDM, WØCBHLarry, BenjieLaunch, TrackrRoamer
KiloKD9AUKDarrylTrackerEOSS 235, 144.340, 145.360
LimaKA3ZNMBrian Jernigan + SonsTracker, STEM Director, CUEOSS 234
WhiskeyKDØNRYChrisColo University, CSGC, Flight SponsorEOSS 234, 144.340, 147.420
TR Breakfast: 
Breakfast will be at 6:00 at the Denny's in Limon, CO South of Exit 360 on I-70. We will leave at 7:00 when the balloons are being launched. Trackers have been given "primary" balloon assignments on the chart below. Program your radios for all of the frequencies, in particular your assigned balloon. Let me know if there are any conflicts or issues. Be prepared to monitor your primary APRS as well as the DF beacon and the APRS chirp that follows the identifier on that beacon. Advise Alpha of your success or issues. Trackers will need to be prepared for a 6 balloon flight if cloud cover dictates, otherwise we will fly three. Staging Area: Simla, Colorado. Velma, the store owner, said we are welcome to park in a line behind (north side) of the Simla Food Store. That way folks could get some snacks. I am sure there is a potty in there somewhere. To get there, at Carabou (main street) and Pueblo (Post Office) turn north and immediately turn left behind the Post Office and Food Store. Pull ahead so others can line up behind in a row. This would be off the street, and near a store.