EOSS-227 Eclipse Practice Flight - Recap

EOSS-227 reached an altitude of 65,435ft and was recovered north of Torrington, Wyoming, between highway 159 and the Nebraska border at  N 42° 13.614”, W 104° 08.662”. EOSS would like to thank the WY Air National Guard for the use of Camp Guernsey facilities, and the amateur radio operators in Southeast Wyoming for their support, in particular WA7SNU for the use of the Wheatland repeater.

Here is the link to the mileage form. https://goo.gl/forms/WeHu7OOwFdFP1xE43

EOSS-227 was the launch of a 2000g balloon on an exempt flight, launched from Camp Guernsey, WY.  It was a practice flight for the solar eclipse flight next year supporting Colorado Space Grant Consortium. The total solar eclipse will be on August 21, 2017.

Launch Time will be 10:45 am, rather than the usual crack of dawn launch.

Our launch site for this will be inside the north training area of Camp Guernsey.  We have obtained special permission to operate there, but please remember that this is a Wyoming National Guard training facility (i.e. military installation).   As a military installation there are additional rules, vehicles may be subject to search and inspection. Please treat any military personnel you may encounter with respect, we want to make a good impression on our hosts.  

Since this is a restricted area, access should be coordinated through the EOSS Flight Coordinator.  (Contact info below)

Camp Guernsey has allowed us to camp at the launch site.  Most of us will be in tents, but RV's are allowed.  No open or charcoal fires, but camp stoves up off the ground are permissible.  Any generators or fuel needs to have containment (steel or plastic tray underneath to catch spillage and fluids).  We will have Porta-Potties on site but no water, so you will need to bring your own.  Trash will need to contained within your vehicle since we have no provision at this time.  Please, no pets and any smokers dispose of the butts in your vehicle.  Camp Guernsey personnel will be inspecting the site before we leave. Please stick to the road once you are on Camp Guernsey property.  We have been cleared only for the use of the Connex Village and a couple of specific sites.  Other sites have the potential to be environmentally or culturally (archeological) sensitive. 

Flight predictions can be found here: http://ruc.noaa.gov/sdb/predict_0.htm

KB0TVJ has some consolidated links with weather information here: http://wxqa.com/eoss227.html

Any questions should be directed to flight coordinator, KE7KCK: lawndragon (at) gmail.com

Event Date: 
Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
Guernsey 45, 50. Test: N42.0, W104.0 X=81.9, Y=31.9


Balloon Type: 
2000g Hwoyee
145.600 MHzKE0BMV-11APRS/DF/Cutter
144.34 MHzAE0SS-12APRSSlotted at :15 and :45

Preflight Net:  Saturday Night, 8:00 p.m. on 146.88 MHz (NoPL) repeater initially and the EOSS Repeater:  449.275 MHz (PL 141.3)  We will test both repeaters during the net.

Recovery Operations:

EOSS temporary repeater: 449.275, - 5MHz offset, 141.3 Tone

Alternative,  Wheatland Repeater: 146.88 MHz (NoPL) 

Tracking and Recovery Simplex:  446.100

Launch Site Simplex: 446.050 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWAØGEH, KCØLMarty, JohnTracking Coordinator
BravoW9CN, KBØYRZMike, ChrisTracking, Alpha Backup
DeltaKØSCC, NØIXStephen, DougLaunch Team, Trackers
EchoKE7KCKTomFlight Coordinator, Tracker
GolfNØNDM, WØCBHLarry, BenjieLaunch Team, Trackers
HotelKDØSEMDaveLaunch Team, Tracker
TR Breakfast: 
Please update your TrackPoint configurations for the reference points and launch site. Per Nick's information: - Launch Site: Here’s data on launch point. To enter them, on TrackPoint go to Setup>Lnch/Pred/Gird tab. Then click on the little blue square to the right of the Launch Site drop down menu. A list will open in Notepad. Copy the line below and paste it to the bottom of the list. Then Save the Notepad file. You need to restart TrackPoint to see the changes. - Grid: To put the new grid reference location, in TrackPoint open Setup>Lnch/Pred/Grid, then click on the little blue square on the right side between the words “Choice” and “Grid.” When the list opens in Notepad, paste in the line below. Then Save the Notepad file. This does not require a restart. Select “Guernsey” as your grid reference point and set the grid to 0, 0 to watch the East miles (X) and the North miles (Y) decrease as we drive to Guernsey. On the way back enter your home QTH as the grid reference point and watch the X and Y decrease on the drive back. Guernsey,N,42,15.895,W,104,43.169 Preflight net will be held at 8:00 Saturday on the 146.88 MHz repeater and we will switch to the EOSS 449.275 temporary machine. This will allow testing of both machines. Folks in Torrington can join via phone call to Marty's phone. Breakfast will be either at the launch site or at Guernsey Lockmans Lunch Box (Twisters is closed} Trackers will report to the launch site at 9:00.