EOSS-207/208/209 COSGC DemoSats 3fer

Original Announcement: 

 Our April 11, 2015 flight will be a first for EOSS!   We will launch 3 balloons in sequence to support the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.  Since this will be an unusual flight, we encourage everyone to come out and support as we launch and track all 3 balloons from our Eaton launch site.  

  • Click here for the Flightpath Prediction.  
  • Updated Field Frequencies:  To accommodate the additional tracking traffic we are using additional simplex frequencies (listed below).  Please program your radios in advance, some radios will default to a repeater shift for these frequencies.  Trackers should monitor the repeater frequency and QSY to simplex at the direction of the Tracking Coordinator (Alpha) - monitor both if possible.                                                                                                 
  • EOSS member mileage reimbursement http://goo.gl/forms/QHgwLWcs28                    
  • Update 4/7/15: Revised Flight Plans to REV C.  Changed Launch Site Simplex to 446.050
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 00:00
Flight Coordinator: 
Tom Londrigan KE7KCK
Launch Site: 
Rt 71 and 14 West, 70,50 Grid Test N40.31692 W104.35822 = 40,30

EOSS-207 (Red)

Balloon Type: 
147.42 MHzK0SCC-11 (APRS/Cutter/DF)
144.34AE0SS-13APRSSlotted at 0:10 and 0:40

EOSS-208 (White)

Balloon Type: 
10 ft
144.34KC0UUO-11(APRS)Slotted at 0:00 and 0:30

EOSS-209 (Blue)

Balloon Type: 
8.5 ft
147.555AE0SSCutter DF
144.34AE0SS-11APRSSlotted at 0:20 and 0:50
145.8AE0SS-12APRSSlotted at 0:20 and 0:50

Preflight Net:

  • 147.225 MHz CRA Repeater (107.2 Hz Tone) 8 pm MDT preceding night
  • 146.940 MHz (103.5 HZ Tone) RMRL Repeater if the CRA machine is down
  • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz Tone) DRL will serve as a backup frequency

Recovery Operations:

  • 449.450 MHz RMRL (103.5 Hz Tone)
  • 448.450 MHz (100.0 Hz CTCSS)  Backup Repeater
  • 446.100 MHz Field Simplex One (EOSS 207 RED)
  • 446.150 MHz Field Simplex Two (EOSS 208 WHITE)
  • 446.200 MHz Field Simplex Three (EOSS 209 BLUE)
  • 446.275 MHz Field Simplex Four (Drive out Coordination)

Launch Site Simplex: 446.050 MHz

HF - Possible ops: 7.235 LSB

Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWA0GEH, KC0DMarty, MarkCo-Tracking Coordinators: 207/208
BravoW9CN, KB0YRZMike, ChrisAlpha, Tracker: 207/208
CharlieKE7KCKTomTrackier, Flight Coordinator: 208/209
DeltaK0SCC, KE0BMVSteve, ParkerTracker, Payload Prep, Launch: All
EchoKC0LJohnTracker, From Texas: 207/209
FoxtrotKB0LPDaveTracker: 207/208
GolfKD0SEMDave, RyanTracker, Team Lead: 208/209
HotelWB0DKT, KG6HXM, KD0WDX, KC0ZIEGlenn, Sam, Tony, DarrenTrackers, Team Leads, BWB: 207/209
IndiaWG0EColinTracker: 207/209
JullietteKC0RPSJimTracker, Team Lead: 208/209
KiloKC0UUO, N0IXRob, DougTracker, Team Leads, Launch: All
PapaAC0RYBrianTracker, CSGC: All
WhiskeyKD0RNYChrisTracker, CSGC: All
TR Breakfast: 
Breakfast: Johnson's Corner, 5:30. First launch will be as close to 6:30 as possible, thus the early time. Note to all trackers!! - Please update your TrackPoint per instructions mailed to all trackers by Nick, N0LP. Do this so you are not doing it at the last minute. - Make sure TrackPoint is not set to Adaptive Beacon, set your station to beacon every 10 minutes. This is to minimize congestion on the 144.34 APRS frequencies - If you move to monitor the top APRS payloads, do not transmit on those frequencies. - Program your radios for 446.100, 446.150, and 446.200 for simplex field operations. Add 446.275 for some car-to-car comms. - Fire danger is high. Do not park where your hot car may start a fire. Do not park in the dry grass.