This balloon celebrates the 200th EOSS flight and carries payloads of our most active client, Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

 This balloon will launch at 0650 MST from our launch site near Windsor Colorado (see a link for directions to the launch site elsewhere on this page).

This balloon will be carrying eight "Gateway to Space" student Balloonsats, the culmination of team efforts: designing, building, and testing payloads with a variety of experiments in each. Details of the program are available at the class website shown below.

 Gateway to Space website


Balloon Type: 
Totex 3000g Latex
10 ft with fast release
147.555 MHzAEØSSCW/cutdown beacon
445.975 MHzNØIX-11secondary APRS beacon
144.340 MHzAEØSS-11primary APRS beaconTimeslotted at 0:00 and 0:30