September Face to Face Meeting - Meeting up North!!

Hello all, 

We will be meeting this Tuesday August 8th at 7:00 PM at our North meeting location with Dinner at 5:30 PM.   

The meeting will be on our New Microsoft Teams environment.  

About Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS)

Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) is a Denver, Colorado based non-profit organization that promotes science and education by exploring frontiers in amateur radio and high altitude balloons. Click "Read More" for more information.

Our organization works with educators, offering valuable opportunities to enhance their students' studies of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through real, hands-on experience. We provide FAA coordination, launch, tracking and recovery of the payloads. Each year, our volunteers spend thousands of hours to enable student STEM programs to reach the Edge of Space.

EOSS-347 NDIA Flight

One 1500g balloon carrying student payloads sponsored by NDIA

EOSS-346 Training/Qual Flight - Recap


We conducted cross-training for EOSS member on stringing and powering up flight payloads and filling the balloon for flight.  

EOSS-345 Colorado Space Grant Consortium Summer Launch - Recap

A single 3000g balloon was launched on July 29, 2023. Text book perfect is a comment I heard today!  The balloon was released at 102,479'

EOSS-344 Ball Aerospace BIRST Flight - Recap

A slngle 3000g balloon was launched at 0700 on July 22, 2023 from Genoa, CO carrying two payloads developed by the Ball Aerospace BIRST program. The balloon reached an altitude of 103,247 feet and was released at that point to minimize post-burst chaos. The balloon landed approximatly 30 miles to the south near Aroyo, Colorado.

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EOSS-343 GPSL joint flight with PENS - Recap

A 3000g balloon was launched on June 17, 2023 from the University of Alabama Huntsville campus (34.724830, -86.646535) as part of the Great Plains Superlaunch event. The balloon reached 78,940 feet, burst, and landed 41 statute miles to the southeast in a corn field near Hopewell, Alabama (34.36889, -86.05900).Video and pictures from GPSL are shown at this YouTube link: 

EOSS-342 Denver Area High Schools - Recap

  • One 1500g balloon [EOSS-342] was launched from Wiggins High School at 06:56 am MDT on Saturday June 3, 2023.
  • The balloon carried 2 DSST HS payloads, 1 Wheat Ridge HS payload and the EOSS GoPro Max Camera.
  • EOSS-342 rose to an altitude of 101,427 feet where the balloon burst. 
  • The payload string then landed about 2.5 miles northof Eaton, CO in Ault, CO at 0842 MDT at Latitude 40.5657, Longitude -104.7224, Altitude 4,902 ft [300 yards north of  CR-80 just east of US-85].

EOSS-341 Colorado Rockies STEM Day at Coors Field - Recap

One 1500g balloon was launched from Coors Field at 10:49 am MDT on Thursday, May 4 as part of the Colorado Rockies STEM Day activities. The balloon ascended to 84,935 feet and landed at 40.07433, -104.409167 in Prospect Valley, Colorado, east of Hudson.

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Channel 9 News coverage located here.


EOSS-339/340 Metro State University - Intro to Space - Recap

Two 1500 gram balloons were launched from Deer Trail, Colorado at 0658 (EOSS-339) and 0716 (EOSS-340) on Saturday morning, April 22, 2023.
the balloons carried a total of 7 Metro State and High School payloads.

EOSS-339 rose to an altitude of 97,284 feet where it burst. The payload string then landed about 15 miles south of Seibert, CO at 0910.
Latitude 39.0710, Longitude -102.7975, Altitude 4,768 ft - 120 yards east of CR-20 just north of CR-C.

EOSS-340 rose to an altitude of 92,029 feet where it burst. The payload string then landed about 14 miles south of Seibert, CO at 0918.
Latitude 39.1118, Longitude -102.8602, Altitude 4,945ft - 3/10 of a mile east of CO-59 across from of CR-F.

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