EOSS Needs Local Help

  1. Technical Committee
  2. Ground Station Help
  3. Launch Crew Help
  4. Tracking and Recovery Help
  5. HF Net Control
  6. Education Committee Chair
  7. Publicity Committee Chair
  8. Photo Journalist

Technical Committee

EOSS is always looking for folks who like to build payloads. This would include RF builders, computer builders, packaging builders etc.

A current item being considered is a new crossband repeater.

We'd like to get something pretty sophisticated up there flying about. A payload we could command to change frequencies during flight. Perhaps drop a PL tone into and then back out of the receiver to help control traffic during especially busy flights to assist the tracking and recovery teams. So, we need a person who likes to build computers from the ground up to create a controller. We'd need an RF type who could integrate the radios, and someone good at packaging who could wrap the entire thing up in a serviceable, durable payload box to protect it during flight and landing.

If any of this is of interest to you, Contact Mike Manes and offer your services.

Ground Station

The Edge of Space Sciences ground station is always a individual or two short. Your help will ALWAYS be appreciated.

The ground station crew is responsible for setting up and checking out the antennas, radios, computers, TVs, VCRs and any other miscellaneous gear needed to monitor and control a balloon flight.

Contact Mike Manes and offer your services.

Launch Crew

The Flight Contingent is involved in two operations. Preparing the balloon for flight and preparing the flight train. On a recent flight we flew 9 packages that had to be recovered. Laying all this out on a payload train is difficult and launching is a problem too. The more people available to assist the better.

Contact one of the officers of Edge of Space Sciences and offer your services.

Tracking and Recovery

Tracking and Recovery operations can always use as many stations as possible. There is probably an upper limit to the number of Trackers that can be properly utilized, however the group hasn't had a problem in that direction yet.

Contact Marty Griffin and offer your services.

HF Net Control

EOSS is always looking for an operator in the Denver, Colorado Springs area who can act as net control for the HF net.

If you wish to join the list of HF operators your participation will be appreciated.

This station should have a good signal on 40 meters, and the capability to monitor activities locally (Denver and Colorado Springs repeater systems) on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands as well as packet telemetry from the payload.

If you have such a station and would like to represent the group on the HF bands, contact one of the officers of Edge of Space Sciences and offer your services.

Another good place to meet and discuss the position is at our on the air net

Education Committee Chairperson

EOSS is currently pretty busy with Space Grant operations so we have neglected middle and high school operations. If you wish to extend the EOSS experience to students in these grade levels, please consider offering your services as the Educational Committee Chairperson.

The motto of EOSS is:

Promoting Science and Education
Amateur Radio and High Altitude Balloons

The Education Chair acts as a coordinator and usually recruits various volunteers to work with single entities (schools) to minimize work load on everyone. So, you might contact the Chairperson and offer to assist if you have a desire to work with your local school.

Contact the Webmaster of Edge of Space Sciences and offer your services if you wish to apply for the position of Educational Committee Chairperson.

Publicity Committee

Public Relations attempts to bring Edge of Space Sciences to the attention of Schools and the Media so that we may get our message out more widely and effectively.

We are currently without a Publicity Committee chairperson. Applications will be enthusiastically accepted. Contact the webmaster.

Photo Journalist

We'd like to have someone who can dedicate themselves to the documentation of launches and flights.

A photographer and a videographer would be appreciated.

We have many members who take casual pictures during flights. They do a great job. However, they are usually very busy with other activities and only take pictures when things settle down. It would be nice if we can get someone who's prime responsibility is to take pictures and videotape events.

Contact the webmaster if you would like to sign up for this position.