RMRL Cross Band Repeater

I WELCOME a more technical description of this repeater, but for now ...

The RMRL repeater is enclosed in a flexible foam container. There are three pieces of foam. The center piece is where all the components are installed on both sides (top and bottom). Two protective cover pieces enclose the system offering thermal as well as shock protection.

Below is the "GPS Side" of the repeater. A GPS antenna in the lower left corner is positioned at the TOP of the payload. On the right side of the compartment, 4 lithium batteries and on the left a Rockwell GPS receiver.

On the opposite "Radio Side" of the repeater (below) are from left to right the 70cm receive antenna, the 70 cm receiver, the N�TI controller, the two meter transmitter and the two meter antenna.

Below is a close up view of the 70 cm receiver.

Below is a close-up of the N�TI controller

And, below, the 2 meter transmitter.