The EOSS Balloon FAQ

EOSS is one of the preeminent amateur high altitude balloon groups currently operating and thus is discovered early in web searches by aspiring balloonatics. In their search for information on the net, they often pose questions to our group and it seems Mike Manes, W5VSI is often the one who answers their queries. Thus, most of these initial answers are his.

There are many answers below that are definitely "EOSS Centric". We do things the way we have discovered works best for us.

EOSS encourages submissions to broaden the scope of this resource.

If you commonly are called upon to answer some question regarding high altitude ballooning and you note that we have NOT covered this topic then consider submitting the question and its answer to this website. The Submission Guidelines page will provide links to make submissions and explain some technical considerations to be aware of when offering these submissions.

If YOU have a different answer, submit a write-up on your alternate idea by checking out our Submission Guidelines page and, after a little peer review, I'll post it here. I know there will be different ideas about payload construction, cut away devices and, well everything.

If you are dying to contribute but can't think of anything that might be of interest, check out the Unanswered Questions page. You may have the expertise to address one of these pending questions.

If you are looking for answers to your question and don't find them then check out the Submission Guidelines for links to submit your questions. Perhaps some expert will field an answer that will be of help.

Below are some emails Mike has sent out in answering these questions. The names of the questioners have been removed to protect the innocent.

The Faq will be broken down into sections once sufficient answers start to pile up.

What is the EOSS Balloon Faq?Rick von Glahn29-Jul-04
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How do I avoid damage to systems during flight?Mike Manes01-Jun-03
What sensors does EOSS use?Mike Manes02-Apr-03
Slip rings, what do they do and how can I build them (general overview)?Mike Manes18-Feb-03
What kind of "string" should I use to support my payloads?Chris Koehler
Mike Manes
How do I build a payload container?Mike Manes18-Feb-03
How do I cut away the balloon during flight?Mike Manes29-Jun-03
How do I interact (generally) with the FAA?Mike Manes19-Oct-03
How do I recover a payload after landing?Rick von Glahn29-Jul-04
How do I connect coax to an Allinco Credit Card Radio?Mike Manes17-Aug-04
How do I get a Garmin eTrex to automatically startMike Manes07-Dec-04
What kind of batteries does EOSS use?Mike Manes11-Feb-05