Arapahoe Water Tower Propagation

I used this location:

I got this location via GPS by driving by this site.

Unfortunately the fairgrounds were closed but I managed to take a couple of photos and lined up the latitude pretty closely. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking straight when I snapped off the photo from the north. I should have positioned myself directly north so my GPS readings would accurately reveal the precise location. Oh well. I don't think this is going to make much of a difference, and I did manually move the longitude 300 feet to the west of the longitude for this picture's location.

Here is the propagation model for 2 meters:

The center of the map is the tower.

The surface elevation at the tower is 1797 Meters.

The APRS station's antenna was placed 40 meters up in the air.

The APRS station was in the RECEIVE Mode

The mobile station transmitting from EVERYWHERE was using an omni antenna (3DBi) one meter in height above local terrain, transmitting 5 watts.

Pink indicates an S9 received signal at the water tower from each location.