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This area will provide links to the most interesting pages on the EOSS website.

I have a problem. All pages look the same to me (the webmaster). If you find a "Cool" page on our site that you think should be posted here, email ME.

Most links lead to a flight recap web page where you can then easily find the subject.



Ride along with a chase team as they race to the touchdown of a balloon. Both of these videos were taken by the same tracking and recovery team.

  • A Typical Flight - A short video showing a bit of pre-launch, short segments airborne and the landing and recovery teams.

  • Touchdown on EOSS-66 Recap Page (look for Video)
  • Touchdown in fog. On EOSS-79 the payloads descended in fog. Never the less, one tracking and recovery team was close enough to actually video the last few seconds of the descent. It's kind of cool.

View the burst of a balloon from two locations (different balloons).


For years now I've been uploading video to YouTube and embedding their player into our pages. You can find these videos on this site, however, they are all nicely organized right there at my YouTube channel, so it might be a much faster way of tracking down video you want to see.


Hear an interview with Mike Manes on KFRC radio

Listen to the entire process. Hear the weekly EOSS net prior to flight, the tracking and recovery net the evening before flight, and the audio from the tracking and recovery teams during the actual balloon flight.