Recap of EOSS-46

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Delayed 1 day due to wx considerations

LAUNCH DATE: January 14, 2001
LAUNCH TIME: 16:10 UTC - 09:10 MST
LAUNCH SITE: Windsor, Colorado, Gene Fatton�s Ranch

  • 40.47365� N Latitude
  • 104.96243� W Longitude

Black Track = Actual GPS/APRS track
Red Track = Preflight prediction

Actual Track captured from APRS-Plus
Predicted track produced with Balloon Track
Mapping Software - Street Atlas V 8.0

Burst at 92,748 ft.

Predicted Landing Site
Landing Point: 40.4251� lat.  -104.3689� long.
Grid: X=36.4 Y=36.9
Altitude: 5000 feet
Flight Time: 118 Minutes
Bearing: 96.0� True
Range: 31.4 Mi.
Actual Landing Site
Landing Point: 40.4856� lat.  -104.1717� long.
Grid: X=46.7 Y=41.1
Bearing: 88.7� True
Range: 41.6 Mi.
Difference from Predicted to Actual Landing Site
Bearing: 68.0� True
Range: 11.2 Mi.


PRIMARY INTEGRATOR: Pioneer Astronautics, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Dean Spieth, �Mars Micro Balloon Probe�.


Payload Train

This is the fourth of many planned EOSS flights for the �Mars Micro Balloon Probe� which will place a series of balloons in the Martian atmosphere.  The objective of this flight are to test and develop inflatable gases from compounds that are normally liquids at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP).   The Mars surface pressure is simulated at 100,000 feet above sea level, thus the experiment on an EOSS balloon.  This experiment will attempt to inflate balloons using various compounds.  This will also permit a test of the deployment canisters required on Mars.

Additionally, two 600 gram �Grape� drag balloons were flown to help stabilize the payload on decent while deploying the micro balloon.  This experimental drag balloon concept will be deployed on Mars missions if successful. Here's some data on the results.

Photo by KC0HVF's XYL

3000g balloon on left (only partially filled), the two 600g grapes at "full inflation" to the right.

CROSS BAND REPEATER: The RMRL cross-band repeater was deployed.  QSL cards will be issued for successful contacts through the repeater (see QSLing below for details). 

Below is the actual footprint at maximum altitude for EOSS-46! Were you inside it? If so, you could have contacted anyone else within the footprint with nothing more than a dual band HT with a rubber duck antenna (ok, maybe a 5/8th wave mag mount). This footprint is calculated for the burst altitude of 92,748 feet.  The black line represents the longest QSO distance for this flight between Jim, N7DMO in Riverton, WY and Dale, N0KQX in Garden City KS. Should they file their QSO with the Amateur High Altitude Ballooning Records page, they will hold the distance record for a two way contact through a balloon born repeater. As you can see, with a little planning you could easily surpass this on our next flight!

For operation guidelines for future flights see the cross band repeater page.

APRS: The packet callsign was:  W0WYX


Launch Site:

  • Simplex 146.550 MHz


  • 144.340 MHz FM (350 milliwatts output).  
    • CW beacon and cut down system

Cross-Band Repeater:

  • Input 445.975 MHz
  • Output 147.555 MHz

APRS Output

  • 147.555 MHz, Output of Crossband Repeater


  • 426.250 MHz.

Tracking Team:

  • 449.450 MHz Rocky Mountain Radio League (RMRL) (pending approval)
  • 146.58 MHz Simplex Field Frequency

HF Net: 7.235 MHz, net control NA0BR


Nick Hanks (KC�HVG) is the QSL manager for this flight. See the QSL page for info.


N0KQX to N7DMO @ 526 miles new cross band repeater record (shown above in the screen shot of the coverage circle).

This record is now official at the National High Altitude Ballooning Records Page.

  • N0KQX - Dale in Garden City, Kansas
  • N7DMO - James (Jim?) in Riverton, Wyoming

webmaster note: Since eclipsed by other groups (11/26/05)

Cross Band Checkins

  • K�ANI
  • N�MYY
  • N�PUF
  • KB�UBZ
  • KB�YRZ
  • W5VSI
  • KA�ZFI
  • NA�BR
  • K�OJ Greeley 20 mw
  • N�PCZ
  • N6LEE Loveland
  • KO4LB
  • N�KKZ
  • K�GPA
  • N�ERG
  • KB�UIH
  • W9BNO Douglas County 1 watt
  • W�GSK
  • KC5LXC
  • K�UT Colo Springs
  • N7QAM
  • KC�JHQ
  • K�HBZ Woodland Park
  • N�TI
  • W2CO
  • KB7BJT Laramie WY
  • KB�LP
  • N�BAF
  • W6ESL
  • W�CBH
  • K�YG
  • W�MHP Colo Springs
  • K�CO
  • KB�LP Mobile Erie
  • KB7ZJT Laramie WY
  • W�CBH
  • N�KQX Dale in Garden City KS
  • N�MIK Colo Springs
  • K�UT
  • W�ABB
  • KC�GDO Boulder
  • KB�BVZ Aurora - had ATV
  • KC�FNQ
  • KC�DEA 6 Mi W of Burlington
  • WB�WDF Canyon City
  • KB�MQQ
  • N�KIC
  • N�OLX Boulder
  • N7DMO Jim in Riverton WY
  • K�TER Colo Springs
  • KC�DEA CO/KS State Line
  • KA�BSA Steamboat Springs


Updates posted as they are received (primarily to the TNC log file)