Colorado Technical Specialists

Bob Witte K0NR
Technical Coordinator
ARRL Colorado Section

Technical assistance for Colorado hams

Have you ever needed some technical help but didn't know where to turn? Does your radio club have trouble finding someone to speak on a technical topic? Have you ever tried a new operating mode and needed some help in getting started? If so, the Technical Specialists of Colorado might be able to help, or connect you up with someone that can lend assistance.

Technical Specialists

Technical Specialists are volunteer radio amateurs that are interested in helping out their fellow hams by lending technical assistance. The work of the Technical Specialists is supervised by the Technical Coordinator and is part of the ARRL Field Organization. The ARRL Field Organization organizes amateur radio volunteers into sections (determined by geography). Our local section is the Colorado Section, which covers the state. One of the most visible parts of the ARRL Field Organization is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). Jeff Ryan (K0RM) is the Section Manager for the Colorado Section and Bob Witte (K0NR) is the Technical Coordinator.

Colorado Technical Specialist Program

The Technical Specialists in Colorado operate using three basic principles: Educate, Assist and Network. Technical Specialists educate by writing technical articles for club newsletters, speaking at radio club meetings and answering technical questions from fellow hams. TS's assist by providing technical advice and help in response to requests from individual hams.

For example, Bill Rinker (W6OAV) recently gave a presentation to the Denver Radio Club on how different configurations of vertical antennas work. Randy Reynard (NQ0R) has mentored several new hams in getting their radio licenses. Randy also recently investigated an RFI problem that a local ham was experiencing, identifying the interference source as an old alarm clock. Tom McDaniel (N0NTX) conducted a satellite forum at the PPRAA Swapfest in Monument. Bob Witte (K0NR) performed free transceiver testing at several Colorado hamfests this year. These are just some of the examples of how Technical Specialists are helping Colorado radio amateurs. Check the Technical Specialist web site shown below for a list of Technical Specialists and their technical interests.

The third principle is network, which means Technical Specialists consult with other knowledgeable hams, whether or not they happen to be Technical Specialists and make use of their knowledge. The focus is on helping and solving problems, independent of where the answers or assistance ultimately come from. A Technical Specialist might refer you to a magazine article, a web page or another ham that has experience with your question or problem. Clearly, the Technical Specialist team doesn't have all of answers and will seek help wherever they can find it.

How to Contact the Technical Specialist Team

To find out more about the Technical Specialists in Colorado and how to contact them, visit the web site at Alternatively, you can send an email to techhelp at k0nr dot com