Longmont Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 2004

This hamfest marked the debut of our new display. This beautiful, functional and easy to setup and transport backdrop was donated to the group by Gold Systems. Our thanks to them for their generous contribution to our efforts.

No crowd pictures here as I arrived at practically the close of the event. However, talk was that the hamfest and our "booth" were pretty well attended.

As you can see, we now have a very nice backdrop. It's lighted, nicely displays our new banner, and hanging pictures on it is a snap (Velcro actually).


Here's the back of the display showing off its construction. See the two cases? They hold the entire backdrop once it is collapsed into its traveling mode.


Here Dave [KB0LP] is demonstrating the new ATV module showing off its azimuth correction features in action.


Jim [K0JLZ] and Mike [W5VSI] peruse some of the goodies they obtained at the hamfest