Viewers For Posted Information

You may find files posted in several different formats on this web site. Below are links to viewers that will allow you to use these files.

If a particular web page is unavailable, let me know, and use that web page's address as a starting point to search for its new location.

If you find a file on the website that will not display or work on your system, bring that to my attention and I'll attempt to find the appropriate viewer/plug-in to make it work.

Portable Document Format 

(PDF) files can be viewed by downloading Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Microsoft Powerpoint Files

Microsoft Word and Excel Files

Any Microsoft Word file from version 97 to Version 2003 of Word can be view with the Word File Viewer.

This viewer moves around so go to and follow links to Microsoft Office. You should be able to find the viewer there. Or you might click this link:

and Google will search and come up with some good results at the beginning of the results.

Video Files

Windows media format (WMV) is currently being used for Video files. It's compression and quality is currently the best I can generate (25-Nov-04).

This link will take you to the Windows Media Page. When you click Download, the site should properly direct you to either the Windows OS or Mac OS download page by detecting your system's OS.

Audio Files

Audio files are posted in the MP3 format. This format is supported by all the major operating systems. You "should" be able to play them with whatever media player is included with your system. However, if you are having problems, you might check some of the links that are generated by THIS GOOGLE SEARCH on "mp3".