Video Tape Library

EOSS has a fairly extensive video tape library of its launches. If you wish to order a copy of one of these tapes, contact Merle McCaslin about pricing and availability.

Currently, our favorite pick is EOSS-17. This tape has the most spectacular video of a balloon burst to date.

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TitleDateVideoLaunch LocationRemarks
see note below
11/18/9009 mins.Clement Park. Littleton, CO.First Flight sponsored by Western Vision Network
see note below
03/11/9109 mins.Clement Park, Litteton CORC movable ATV Camera
see note below
09/28/9109 mins.Denver Museum of Natural HistoryFirst flight of the flight controller board
see note below
01/04/9214 mins.Eagle Crest High School
Arapahoe County, Colorado
First Raven zero pressure balloon
Humble Telescope
see note below
04/11/9211 mins.Clement Park, Littleton, COIASS Stabilization Experiment
On a Farm near Longmont CO54,000 cu.ft. zero pressure
Humble Telescope #2
video no formal tape
Clement Park, Litteton, CORMRL dual crossband repeater. Video, no formal tape
Colorado State Fair, PuebloMisc video, no formal tape
EOSS-910/31/9231 mins.Longs Peak Middle School
Longmont, CO
Video on education, the launch and flight from Longmont.
First video of cutdown
EOSS-1002/04/9330 mins.University of Southern Colorado
Pueblo, CO
Video of a windy launch at U.S.C.
EOSS-1104/04/9330 mins.Clement Park, Littleton, COVideo on the launch and good pictures of the fox hunters. This is the video AA0P took to the Dayton Hamvention
EOSS-1205/02/9330 mins.University of Colorado at BoulderVideo on both launches and Fire Dept. rescue of payload stranded in a tree.
EOSS-1308/22/9340 mins.Near Denver International AirportTwo balloon launched the
"National Balloon Symposium"
EOSS-1410/16/9340 mins.Colorado Springs LibraryAmateur Radio Day in Colorado Springs. ATV picture poor.
EOSS-1503/05/9435 mins.Thunder Ridge Middle School
Aurora, CO
Radiation Experiment with Cherry Creek High School
EOSS-1605/01/9435 mins.Thunder Ridge Middle School
Aurora, CO
Ozone Experiment with Ranum High School
EOSS-1706/04/9430 mins.Near Monument ColoradoGreat Video of balloon burst. Pressure switch calibration.
EOSS-1808/27/9418 mins.Near Monument ColoradoN0STZ Spin Stabilization Experiment
University of Southern Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado
Pitts Elementary School Solar Sensor
United States
Air Force
Altitude Sensor verification

EOSS flights 1 through 5 are all compiled on one tape.
Dates are given in month/day/year format.