EOSS-322 NDIA Student STEM, EOSS-323 Littleton Public Schools, & EOSS-324 Gateway to Space Flights - Recap


Three exempt 1500g balloons were launched from Deer Trail, Colorado on Saturday April 9, 2022.


  • EOSS-322, Launch at 6:38 am, Peak at 08:37:10 MDT: KC0D-15  BURST Altitude: 92,743 Ft
  • EOSS-323, Launch at 7:01 am, Peak at 07:54:27 MDT: KC0D-14 BURST Altitude 67,897 Ft
  • EOSS-324, Launch at 7:17 am, Peak at 07:56:41 MDT: KC0D-1  BURST Altitude 92,113 Ft

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Original Announcement: 
  • 04-05-2022Payload Plans Rev B posted
  • 04-06-2022Payload Plans Rev C posted
  • 04-07-2022Payload Plans Rev D posted

We are GO for Saturday Launch. Check the maps at the link below for directions to the launch site and check the prediction for Deer Trail to understand where the balloon will go.

We are planning on a Saturday, April 9 flight from Deer Trail Colorado. Click on the Deer Trail link for directions. Flight predictions can be found here. Look for your balloon and date and click on the Deer Trail GIF to see the predicted path.

  • 1500g balloon carrying multi-school student experiment payloads for NDIA.
  • 3000g balloon (or two 1500g balloons) carrying CU-Boulder's Gateway to Space payloads.

If sky cover is greater than 5/10ths, the 3000g balloon will be split into two 1500g balloons in the following configurations:

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 9, 2022 - 00:00 to 23:45
Flight Coordinator: 
Launch Site: 
Last Chance 40, 60


A 1500g balloon carrying three packages of student experiment payloads and one student payload from Westminster High School.

Balloon Type: 
Totex 1500g Latex
12 ft Rocketman
145.645 MHzKC0D-1Remote Release / DFSecondary Beacon
144.340 MHzAE0SS-12APRS / Digi EOSSAPrimary Beacon
Payload Plan: 


A 3000g balloon carrying five BalloonSat payloads from CU Boulder's Gateway to Space class and four payloads from Littleton Public Schools.

Balloon Type: 
Totex 3000g balloon
12 ft Rocketman
144.905 MHzKC0D-14Remote Release / DFSecondary Beacon
144.340AE0SS-13APRS / Digi EOSSXPrimary Beacon, Timeslotted 0:10 & 0:40
Payload Plan: 

EOSS Preflight Net @ 7 PM Mountain Time preceding night:
        •  449.225 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 141.3 Hz CTCSS) Rocky Mountain Ham Radio (RMHAM) Repeater and EchoLink *CANONCTY* conference and the Fun Machine linked system
        • 146.940 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 103.5 Hz CTCSS) Rocky Mountain Radio League (RMRL) Repeater if the RMHAM machine is down
        • 146.640 MHz (-600 KHz Offset, 100.0 Hz CTCSS) Denver Radio League (DRL) Repeater will serve as a backup to the backup repeater 

Launch Site:
        • 446.050 MHz Simplex  
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

Track & Recovery Operations:
        • 449.450 MHz (-5 MHz Offset, 103.5 Hz Tone) RMRL repeater


RMHAM DMR “Rocky Mountain Wide"  has been approved (Talk Group 700). 

        Simplex Frequencies:
        • 446.100 MHz EOSS-322 Field Simplex 
        • 446.150 MHz EOSS-323 Field Simplex
        • 446.200 MHz EOSS-324 Field Simplex
        • 446.275 MHz Car to Car drive out Simplex
        (Note that some radios assume these are repeater frequencies and attempt to put a 5 MHz offset in the transmit frequency automatically)

2M Direction Finding Frequencies:

  • 144.340
  • 144.905
  • 145.535
  • 145.645


Tactical Calls: 
TacticalCall SignNameNotes
AlphaWA0GEH, KC0DMarty, Mark
BravoW9CN, N0JPS, Mike, John
DeltaK0SCC, N0NDMStephen, Larry
Ground StationN2XGL, Randy, K5JK, KB0TVJJeff, Randy, Tom, RussRus is Remote, FAA
HotelWB0DKT, KB6OKA, KC0ZIEGlenn, Edna, DarrenBWB Returns
Launch TeamK0MCW, N0FTITony, Steve
IndiaKC0RPSJim, Flight Controller
JuliettKE0ZJVMatt, CU
TR Breakfast: 
Tracker Breakfast at 5:45am, meeting at Limon IHOP.