The flight path prediction for this flight is located **here**. Click on the "GIF" link to see the prediction map. This map updates daily starting 10 days before the flight.

**Here** is the revised (7-16-2015) HIBAL notification filed with the FAA in accordance with our **waiver** flights of this type. The HIBAL is filed seven days in advance of the flight and updateed as more information becomes available.

EOSS210 is the third test flight of the NOAA/LASP Optical Fiber Temperature Profiler.  The first flight was EOSS199 in Sept 2014, but the optical fiber broke shortly after launch, so no testing was possible.  The second flight was in March 2015 and was successful.  However, testing time was limited because of the relatively high ascent rate of 1239 ft/min.  See the write-ups of these flights for more information.  The goal of this third flight is to increase testing time by using a relatively slow ascent rate and launching shortly after sunrise of a mid-summer day.

The two previous flights used 3000 gram balloons and gross lift factors of 1.15.  To reduce the ascent rate, this flight will use a gross lift factor of 1.13 which should result in an ascent rate above 800 ft/min. 

The present plan is to launch from Deer Trail, but if wind predictions show that it would be possible to launch from Windsor, the launch will be from there.  The reason for this is that there are minimal obstructions to the east from the Windsor launch site.  That will reduce the chances for a low ascent rate balloon to get caught in light poles that exist around the Deer Trail site.

Balloon Type: 
Totex 3000g latex balloon
10 ft
147.42 MHzK0SCC-11APRS/Cutter