St. Thomas More Center Meeting Location Information


  • St. Thomas More Center
  • 8035 South Quebec Street
  • Centennial, CO 80112

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude:  39.57068� N
  • Longitude:  104.90573� W
  • Altitude:  5748 ft.

Talk-In Frequencies

  • DRL Repeaters
    • 146.640 MHz (100 Hz tone optional)
    • 146.880 MHz (100 Hz tone optional)

Google Map of Location

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General Directions

Take I-25  to the south end of the Denver Metro and take C-470 West to the first exit which is Quebec St.

Drive North on Quebec to E. Otero St.

St. Thomas More Center occupies the entire Northwest corner of the intersection of Quebec St. and E. Otero Ave.

Meeting Room Directions

Google Map/Satellite Image of St Thomas More Center

St. Thomas More is located North West of the intersection of Quebec and Otero St. The red highlight above indicated were the photos below were taken and the arrow denotes the direction of the camera's lens.

The parking lot pictured above is South East of the church buildings IMMEDIATELY between the church and the NW corner of the intersection. So, this photo is looking NW towards the church. The steeple is obscured by trees but you can make out their LED announcement board (a TV like device) just a little to the right of dead center. The area highlighted in RED is the entrance we use to head to the meeting room.

Head into these doors, turn right proceed down a short hallway toward the Padre Restaurant. Turn left take a few steps and turn left again. There is a doorway that opens onto stairs. Take the stairs down into the basement and you should hear friendly EOSS folks getting ready for the meeting.