Deer Trail

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Park all vehicles on roads. Do NOT drive on the ball field!! This causes damage to the playing surface. Maintain or improve site cleanliness. If you see some trash help out and collect and dispose of it properly to assist our good relations with the Town of Deer Trail. Thanks!

Talk in is frequently available at this site. Contact the ground station on 146.550 MHz simplex. You might also be able to get directions from the Tracking and Recovery net. Contact them on the frequency indicated on the Flight Announcement Page.

Deer Trail is approximately 39 miles from the intersection of E-470 and I-70.

Leave I-70 at exit 328 and drive west into town. This will be Cedar St. (aka - 40). Turn left or southeast onto 3rd. and proceed to Aspen Street. Note the scale indication at the bottom of this map. It's a very short drive through town.

This is the view looking SE on 3rd, just before you reach the Ball Park.

View from the south side of the Ball Park looking back at the Library/School where you will drive in. Note all the telephone poles. They mount the night lighting equipment for the baseball field.

The EOSS launch site is at the Ball Park just south of Aspen and should be visible.

Here is Mike's sketch of the town and the various points of interest.

The launch site is at the Ball Park located at the bottom center of the map.

Rather than make a huge snapshot of his work, I just created a thumbnail. I have made a large GIF copy of it available on a separate page. You can view that here.

Ron Shaffer, WD0BDQ, has adopted the WX station out at Deer Trail.

atop Ron's QTH

Weather reports from Ron's Deer Trail station may be found at WXQA.COM Colorado Weather Station Page.

Or at:

or at: