Photos of EOSS activities

Click the thumbnails and download a larger GIF. I've purposely kept even the "large" pictures pretty small as you'll see from their descriptions.

GIF PictureEOSSAD.GIF - In an moment of shear boredom and with the recent arrivial of a new image processing package (Adobe Photoshop 3.0), I came up with this interesting picture.

If you're interested in such things, I've written a brief synopsis of the creation process of this picture. CLICK HERE for that overview.

GIF Picture24TOP.GIF - A picture taken from the balloon by our new Canon Snappy LX 35mm camera. The camera is controlled via command from the ground station.

GIF Picture24LIFT.GIF - Launch Team for EOSS-24 carries balloon and payload out to field at the NAVSYS facility for launch.

GIF PictureJACKTERM.GIF - Jack Crabtree AA0P and Daniel Fraser (student) program payload (gold package to right) (74K)

From EOSS-14. This was a demonstration flight for the general public. It was "Amateur Radio Day" at the Colorado Springs Public Library where we both launched our payload and ran our ground station.

GIF PictureSHUTII.GIF - EOSS Shuttle II as it appeared just prior to flight 21.(75K)

GIF PictureFILLIT21.GIF - The inflation of EOSS-21 proceeds smoothly.(81K)

GIF PictureCROWD.GIF - Crowd attending "Amateur Radio Day" at the Colorado Springs Public Library watches live ATV from EOSS-14 (74K)

GIF PictureAPA.GIF - Taken during EOSS-15 this is a view of Centennial Airport (APA) from the balloon at approximately 24,000 feet altitude. The airport is located in the center of the picture. The road crossing the picture from left to right at the bottom is Parker Road. Although hard to make out, the road that intersects Parker and goes west towards the mountains and north of (or right of) Centennial Airport is Arapahoe Avenue. For those of you familiar with the area, this may help place the picture. (121K)

GIF PictureTOP.GIF - 95,000 feet above Eastern Colorado looking toward the south this picture was taken during the flight of EOSS-13 Launched from the National Balloon Symposium on August 22, 1993 (82K)

GIF PicturePLAINS.GIF - A three man recovery crew returns from the landing site of EOSS-18 with the payload. It came down just to the left of the largest tree in the middle left of the picture, about 3/4 of a mile from the road.(65K)

GIF PictureWAGONS.GIF - Fox Hunters parked on a county rd on the eastern plains near Woodrow, Colorado while they trek to recover the payload from EOSS-16. Please notice how rough the country we have to trek thru is? (54K)

GIF PictureFEST.GIF - Ted Cline, N0RQV, talks to attendees of the Amateur Radio Day exhibit at the Colorado Springs Public Library.(76K)